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Terms of Use
Terms of use

Restriction of Responsibility
ZRC SAZU and other data administrators contributing their data into the application can under no circumstance be held responsible for any special, unintentional, indirect or consecutive damage (including - and without any limitation - damage due to loss of profit, operational breaks, loss of business information, personal injury, loss of privacy, inability of performing any duties (also in good-will and proper strenuousness), carelessness or any other material or other damage) that arises from direct use of the application, inability of its usage, or is related to its usage.

Formality of Information
ZRC SAZU points out that the data displayed within the application are exclusively informative. For official information you have to contact the corresponding institutions, which are authorised to give information.

Upon further use of the information obtained from this application, users are obliged to indicate properly (on printed as well as on digital sources and products composed of them) the source of data and the copyrights of the data-source owners. Users are also obliged to take into consideration the general terms of usage of corresponding data-source owners.

Abuse of Data, Information and Copyright
Protection of basic data of the application is implemented with technical tools and legal means based on Clauses 154, 158, 159, 225, 242 and 309 of the Penal Code of the Republic of Slovenia. In order to prevent and control cases of abuse, user application access information is collected and surveyed on ZRC SAZU.

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